Just Saying…

6 Jun

ImageBefore I left for Germany, my Dad gave me some advice that has stuck with me ever since.  Saying our last goodbyes before going through security, he said “Kyle, if something doesn’t work out the way you had planned it and you find yourself in an uncomfortable or unusual situation, just smile. Tomorrow it’ll be a great story.”

“Yeah, okay Dad…” 

It took a few missed trains and stressful situations to realize the value behind his advice.  No matter the severity of any issue I faced, the outcome was always the same. Everything worked out and I walked away with a story that starts with “Remember when…”.

From my experience of taking a step back and handling sticky situations with a smile, I’ve come to the conclusion that how people handle stress is a direct representation of their character.  By all means, I am not saying that we shouldn’t have stress in our lives.  But what I am saying that is there is a proper way to go about it.

Don’t criticize or complain.  Guess what, your attitude is contagious and by scowling or arguing, your peers will do the same. Chances are you will put yourself in a funk where you just hate life.  But you don’t hate life, do you? Of course not! The happier you are, the happier you can make the people around you….. see, it’s all full circle here. 

Try not to place your stress superior to others.  By doing so, you loose the humility and genuineness that makes you likable.  Be a good listener to your peers and encourage them to talk about themselves.   By taking part in an engaging conversation and talking in the terms of the other person’s interests, you have created a feeling of importance in that person.  If this person feels that you have a sincere appreciation and understanding of their issues, chances are they will take the time to understand yours as well. 

This doesn’t pertain to this blog, but use the name of the person you are talking to.  Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language :). Kyle Piercy –> I just tickled my own fancy. 

OK, back to the topic. With great risk comes greater reward.  But I’m going to do something bold and substitute the word risk with uncertainty…. crazy, right? If you find yourself in unclear and unusual situations the opportunity for adventures arise.  By stressing about not understanding the immediate outcome of a decision creates an apprehension against experiencing what lies ahead of you.  You loose all the potential that you have created and find yourself stuck in the mud. The reward is connecting with new people and embracing new memories that can only be established through your confidence that everything will work out.  I may ramble on and on about this, but I’m a firm believer.

I wish my father shared this advice with me much earlier  as it has been pertinent to many aspects of my life.  Through this mindset, you avoid growing up fast and live one day at a time.


Growing Up

14 May

ImageSitting through the sappy, yet predicable speakers during my graduation, I contemplated what I would share with my peers. It would not be a success story, nor a speech of praise (although I cant thank my parents enough), rather it would be a moment of realization that “oh shit, my life is actually starting”.

Congratulations, we’ve done it. Countless hours in the classroom, studying, and endless stories from staying up late with the best of friends.  Maybe you studied abroad or maybe you fell in love.  Regardless, college is a roller coaster propelled by whirlwinds of change and I guarantee that every single one of you is different from 4 years ago.  Chances are that these changes are little more than the upperclassman beer gut that we’ve acquired.  But since college is over does not mean that the time to change has come to an end. Now I know that the word “hate” is strong, but I HATE when people tell me that “college is the best time of your life, so live it up.” If I had a penny for every time someone said this to me, I’d probably have $1.82 or something. My response is always the same: “Then what else do I have to look forward to”.  And the reality is that many of us will fall into this same perception that life is over after college, loose contact with those who are important to us, and lead a mediocre life.  Sad, but true. Continue reading

Video 28 Apr

A Blank White Page and A Swelling Rage.

19 Apr

Goddammit, college is over. Time to be a contributing part of society. Comb my hair, wear clothes that don’t have holes, and drink coffee, well at the same pace.  Is it acceptable to still hit snooze 3 times in the morning? I guess my bank statements will get more positive as my beer intake decreases, so I have that to look forward to. For all that I know, I still have my youth and I’ll take advantage of that. 🙂



They Say an End Can Be a Start.

9 Apr

I have no idea who the metaphorical “they” are… but I like this saying a lot, because I think “they” are right.  The world which we know it ends every single day. The things we do become history and end right after we complete them, and we will never have the opportunity to relive these memories to the fullest ever again.  So technically, we start new every single morning, free from the burdens from the day before.

Even though we realize this, we get caught up in the cyclical state of mind, trying to revive the memories they hold so tightly.  Doing so, they miss the beauty of life all around them and the happiness that they themselves create.  Yada Yada Yada, Philosophical, I know.  I’m just speaking from self experiences when I fill my head with worry and grip my memories too tightly, I forget to enjoy the life that surrounds me. So many people, me included, wrap themselves in the security of what they know and what they have already enjoyed, that they are afraid to open their heart and mind to the opportunities that surround in every capacity.  We cling to the familiar, and refuse to accept that everything reaches an ending point. Whether we decide to realize that things are different and we must change to flexible with uncertainty is no ones choice but our own. When has anything in life been as clear as a road map? It never has been.

Open your eyes. There are so many more great memories to be made so don’t be sad that great times may be over, yet be happy that they happened. So smile and keep the memories that are dear to you, as we are in a constant state of inertia…. yea, life is a perpetual motion that cannot be reversed. (I am such a nerd).

Here’s some thinking music:

I can feel my mind wandering again

1 Apr

You have a higher chance of getting in a car accident on the way to the beach than being attacked by a shark.  If we all know this, then why is it still intimidating to swim out into open water on our own? Well, some things just don’t make sense. But when you come to a point of realization of how silly your mind can truly be at some times, things can seem completely different.

Life is full of lessons and we retake these lessons over and over again until we understand them.  It’s like school, you see? So what will it take for me to realize that sharks are not a threat for me every time I step foot in the ocean? Honestly, I think it’ll just have to be something else to distract my my mind other than clouded worries of “What ifs”.  Use my shark example as a metaphor for wherever it fits best in your life. For me, worrying sometimes stops me from doing the things that I want to and when it comes to fruition, I realize how simple things can really be.

My Mind’s Not A Well, It Won’t Run Dry.

24 Mar

Last night I woke up from a dream that I was plummeting to the bottom of Williams lake like I had Mafia made, cement shoes.  But I wasn’t in pain, nor was I struggling. I was just watching the sunlight fade above me as I continued my descent. Once my feet hit the bottom, I was awake.

I’m no dream expert, so I have no idea what this has to do with anything.

It was different from the dreams that I have frequently.  I’ve probably written about it before, but I’m too lazy to reread to see if that’s true.  Multiple nights a week, I am sitting on a train looking out the window.  Sometimes its winter. Other times its summer.  I’ve seen the high rises of great cities and I’ve seen the swaying crops of the countryside. Mostly I’m by myself, but there are times where someone is with me.  And that is the entire dream…. me sitting. Thrilling, right?

But I’ll get all philosophical on y’all because these dreams much more than what it initially seems.  The train is life, the landscape is changes in environment, people, and feelings and I’m still the same smiling, nerdy kid that has always been around. Although I love where I am now, I think my subconscious is telling me it’s time for a little change.   Honestly, I can’t wait for whats next.



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